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Good Website Design is all about creating a user-friendly experience. Great design, combined with easy to use navigation and useful relevant tools. From a local hair salon, to an on-line shop, speak to Bodi Design and find out how a professionally designed website can improve the growth of your business.

Designing your website starts with an initial consultation. Bodi design will listen to your objectives and goals and provide you with an outlined website structure in order to demonstrate how your bespoke website design will function according to its navigation – all with the end user in mind.

Once approved, we will evaluate your content which includes the images you have to use, your brand guidelines and website copy. All websites are built with search engine optimisation in mind from the outset, which includes but is not limited to the text on each page. With careful editing of your provided text we are able to assist in making your website more attractive to the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo, to give your business a head start in gaining improved rankings, thus resulting in a greater chance of your newly designed website being found.

Applying a design for each website page, our Essex website design team will carefully put together a beautifully designed website that not only looks great but also functions with simplicity, ensuring that it works intuitively both on conventional computers as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Of course, once you have your website design completed and live, you might want to talk to us about marketing your website, web-mail or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). After all, the great thing about being on a global platform - is being found!

We might not be able to make you a “.com Billionaire”, but we are in the business of enhancing your online presence and creating a bespoke website environment that potential customers and clients will want to re-visit time and time again.

For a free quotation or more information on website design and digital marketing, simply call:
+44 (0)1702 690800 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The truth is, any design agency can show you an impressive Portfolio of the work
they have carried out for other companies, but committing to using them should only
come after they have demonstrated that they fully understand your product, the service you provide and your market."

Leigh Ngoc-Cleeve: Managing Director